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Be prepared with
generator power.

Are you looking for an expert source of residential back up generator installation? You're not alone! Residential generators are crucial for various reasons, with one of the primary benefits being preparedness during power outages. In the face of unforeseen emergencies, such as severe weather, natural disasters, or grid failures, a residential generator acts as a lifeline, ensuring that essential appliances and systems like refrigeration, heating or cooling, medical equipment, and lighting continue to function. It provides a sense of security and comfort, especially for vulnerable individuals. Additionally, a generator safeguards your property from damage by preventing sump pump failures, frozen pipes, and food spoilage.

Eco-Friendly Home Generator Power Installer

Eco Friendly

Runs on highly efficient, cleaner-burning* Natural Gas or LP Fuel

Automatic Backup Power

Automatic Backup Power

Automatically turns on, providing backup power to your home.

Hassle Free Generator power with out extension cords.

Hassle Free

Permanently installed.
No extension cords required.

The Backup Generator Installation Bellingham, WA and Surrounding Areas Prefer

As one of the top generator installation contractors in our community since 2005, we offer everything you need for an efficient, reliable source of electricity. If you have any questions about our services or you're looking to get started with your own generator install, we're here to help. Give the Swiftwater Electric and Solar team a call at 509-361-5157 or fill out our Get a Quote form online for more information. You'll soon see why we provide the backup generator installation Friday Harbor, WA and neighborhoods all throughout the area can't go without.

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